autumn walks.

Life has been quietly busy, as such things go.

I’ve been plotting an escape from mundane things, however – 2016 shall be a year of cultural adventure! It’s almost criminal to live so close to London and not partake in its rich delights, so it’s time to rectify things.

And I’ve lately tracked down the cause of a health issue, and now looking forward to it finally being sorted soon. *dances, albeit crookedly at present* This means a clean bill of health at the turn of year as well, and with any luck I’ll finally finish off a number of projects that have been languishing.

At the moment, work ticks on in the background. I’m breaking in some new health habits, greatly aided by many an autumnal walk along the riverbank amongst the fading golden trees.

The above was inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen drawing (#16152), which can be seen here.

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a pencil at work.

Pencil-work preparation on postcard size paper, to be brought to life with watercolours. These will be part of my Frameable Fairytalesseries… they’re still waiting to be anointed with their own particular story, however. I daresay they’ll become clear as the colours begin to bloom upon them.

The second work was inspired by some of the artwork within The Adventures of Alice Laselles: A Children’s Story written by Queen Victoria, a truly magical book.
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moving through the lines.

Very quick sketches that found themselves living in random notebooks. I love the feeling of movement in these, that’s something I’d like to capture more often – a snapshot of energy, a scene quickly unfolding.

The dress above will make a comeback somewhere, somehow… I think she’s falling into the depths of the sea, I wonder how she got there?

The rain cascades, the leaves unfurl themselves from the trees. A mixture of simple line and more concentrated flurries, could a mixture of depth and lightness be the way to go? Simple shapes standing amidst a furious background. Something to ponder.
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Using simpler lines, and wondering what sort of tales she could tell. Spring is definitely on her way, time to clear out the superfluous and live a little lighter.

Is there anything more delightful than blossom on the trees?

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playing with pencils.


I was exploring my old sketchbook, starting to plot and plan for future endeavours and looking for inspiration. I rather like the look of the lady above, a project of soft and strange portraits is very appealing, let’s see what the spring brings.

I love intricate borders, the below feels like it should be at the end of some sort of story, must get my thinking cap on… I feel a little fairytale art booklet is calling me….

Feel like I’m making progress with drawing – simple clear lines make all the difference. I usually have a tendency to over embellish.



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