autumn walks.

Life has been quietly busy, as such things go.

I’ve been plotting an escape from mundane things, however – 2016 shall be a year of cultural adventure! It’s almost criminal to live so close to London and not partake in its rich delights, so it’s time to rectify things.

And I’ve lately tracked down the cause of a health issue, and now looking forward to it finally being sorted soon. *dances, albeit crookedly at present* This means a clean bill of health at the turn of year as well, and with any luck I’ll finally finish off a number of projects that have been languishing.

At the moment, work ticks on in the background. I’m breaking in some new health habits, greatly aided by many an autumnal walk along the riverbank amongst the fading golden trees.

The above was inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen drawing (#16152), which can be seen here.

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