nature as art, the beginning.

What a world out there… so many different shapes, textures, colours. And they change every day, even moment to moment while you gaze upon a different leaf, flower, unfurling cloud.

I’m a nature borrower. I take a shadow, or thread, or run of colour and incorporate them into my own little world of drawings and paint strokes. Here are a few moments I’ve captured on film, toyed with and coloured into new memories of adventurous days out. Maybe they’ll crop up in future works.

And yet they can stand alone, as photographic squares of artistic endeavour in their own right… indeed, the chrysalis or flower are art before they were even captured, pondered, and incorporated into human handiwork.

Nature unfolds time and time again in so many beautiful forms.


  1.    Bare branches in the Boboli Gardens, Florence Italy
  2.    Hatching butterflies in The Living Rainforest, Berkshire England
  3.    Meadow flowers near Haddon Hall, Yorkshire England
  4.   Dried flowers at the Jane Austen House Museum, Hampshire England
  5.   Autumn haze along the fence, Berkshire England




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